avant la nuit

Avant la nuit, 2013
[Before night falls]
HD, stereo, 2'53''

A prison in the centre of an European capital city  t sunset, the time of the day during which things may seem possible. Before night falls prisoners are called out by their identification numbers and their voices are combined in an abstract dimension that gives space for an imaginary new life. Sound, as the only perceptible witness of these lives, crosses a physical border between the inside of a room and the outside, between what is near and what is inaccessible. 
Avant la nuit portrays a routine, that we discover as the prison’s mechanical practice.

First Prize of the Jury, Festival Cinema Zero, Trento, IT, 2013
First Prize of the Jury, A corto di donne, Pozzuoli (Naples), IT, 2014

- Festival Cinema Zero, Trento, IT, 2013
- Filmando a Figuralia, Bologna, IT, 2013
- The 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge [DLX], Berlin,DE, 2014
- A corto di donne, Pozzuoli (Naples), IT, 2014
- 27th EMAF- European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck, DE, 2014
- Ethnocineca- Ethnographic and Documentary Filmfest Vienna, Wien, Austria, 2014
- 32nd Valdarno Cinema Fedic, San Giovanni Valdarno, IT, 2014
- 30th International Hamburg Short Film Festival, Hamburg, DE, 2014
- 4840 FRAMES Festival, Vöcklabruck, Austria, 2014
- 13th International Kansk Video Festival. Kansk, Russia, 2014
- Okseø Filmfestival, Hamburg, DE, 2014
-10th Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, Berwick, UK, 2014
- Vilnius Film Short, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014
- Proyector International Videoart Festival, Madrid, Spain, 2014
- Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona / NYC / Paris, 2014
- Compilation of highlights of the 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge @Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen, DE, 2014
- 31 Kasseler Dok Fest, Kassel,DE, 2014
- Film Festival System D, Brussels, BE, 2014
- VIDEOFORMES: Festival d'Art Video et Cultures Numériques, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2015
- Short Screens #48 @Millenium Festival, Brussels,BE, 2015
- Magmart International Videoart Festival, Naples, IT, 2015
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- Eurovideo Festival Européen des arts vidéo, Liège, BE, 2018
-Urban Cinema 2018, Brussels, BE, 2018