il mondo o niente

Il mondo o niente, 2017
[The world or nothing]
HD, 45'
DCP 2K1,90
Sound 5.1

A film by Chiara Caterina

Production Le Fresnoy - Studio national © 2017
Cinematography : Chiara Caterina
Editing: Clara Chapus
Sound : Nicola Di Croce
Sound editing and mixing: Maxence Ciekawy
Color grading: François Engrand
Production coordinator: Estelle Benazet
Poster: Tamar Hirschfeld
with the support of: Alliance Française Basilicata

Luca Telesca, Erhard Hysaj, Alì Sohna, Nadia Casamassima, Andrea Santantonio,Giacomo Gervasio, Giuseppe Fuccella,Maria Sighicelli, Patrizia Menegoni, Nicola Luongo, Giuseppe Mastrangelo, Gianmario De Salvo, Giuseppe Serra, Rossella De Rosa, Ariane Allo, Gromit, Lars, Sanoh,Chiara, Desirée, Giovanni De Nicola, Mattia Pessolano, Antonio Corrado, Giuseppe Di Bello,Tatiana D’Elia.

Il mondo o niente is the isolated and fantasized south of Italy. But this other world is very close, crossed by a modernity blended with an idealized archaism: peasants have iPhone 6 and wolves respond to the sound of a megaphone, while mysterious machines observe the stars and an oil refinery poisons the waters of the territory.
Il mondo o niente it is a path that gets lost, a camera that takes only the side roads, drifting from one layer to another, mapping the secret bonds of this hidden territory. From dawn to the following dawn, from the summit of the mountains to the underground galleries, the film wanders and encounters, gradually erasing the imaginary landscapes to better explore the seams of a sewn world.


*58 Festival dei Popoli - International Competition- 

* 15 Festival du cinéma de Brive - International Competition -
* 21 Cinemambiente - Environmental Film Festival - National Competition- 
* Les Yeux ouverts #2- Rencontres documentaires, Paris
* 16 Ischia Film Festival - Documentary Competition -
* Ignoti alla città 2018 - Rassegna del documentario italiano
* Edera film festival - Documentary Competition-
* 11 Faito Doc Festival - International Competition -
* 16 Molise Cinema Film Festival - Documentary Competition -
* 21 Mediterraneo Video Festival - International Competition -
* Esperienza Pepe | PLUFF • Pepe Litoral Universal Film Fest curated by Giulia Morucchio & Irene Rossini (Biennale Urbana @ Lieux Infinis - Pad. Francese 16 Exposition Internationale d'Architecture)
* 23 Linea d'ombra - Documentary Competition -

58 Festival dei Popoli
Describing the south of Italy requires a great effort. You need to overcome the wall of prejudices and readymade narratives that manufacture easy, banal products; take your time to be pervaded by places that can only be understood slowly, at the autochthonous pace; observe its great contradictions without pointing fingers, bu trying to grasp the thick, complex web that makes up the history of a territory rich in bitterness and wonder. Chiara Caterina rides across a region, Basilicata, in search of its pieces of bitterness and wonder. She goes from the sky to the sea, from the grottos to the rivulets of toxic spill that seep into the soil cracks, from the wolves' cries to wild boar hunting. She leaves all the unnecessary behind, cleaning her camera lens from the residues of superficiality to be able to immerse herself into those details that are as small as dense, and which, when juxtaposed, compose a fresh, hypnotic image of Basilicata. (e.s.)

Thanks to:
Clara Chapus, Lello Romano, Giuseppe Martoccia, Massimo Gianessi, Centro Iac,Nadia Casamassima, Andrea Santantonio, Alì Sohna, Carnevale di Satriano, Al Parco, Rocco Perrone, Massimo Cavallo, Emanuele Sileo, Giuseppe Di Bello, Teresa Lardino, Planetario di Anzi, Antonio Cafarella, Antonio Marino, Vita Robortaccio, Nicholas Rinaldi, ASD Aero Club Riviera dei Cedri, Antonio Corrado, Ariane Allo, Raffaella Liccione, Antonio Cutro, Sergio Basso, Dott. Giuseppe Bianco – ASI - Director of "G. Colombo" Matera Space Geodesy Centre, Dott. Doreen Hagemeister – ASI – G. Colombo" Matera Space Geodesy Centre, tout le personnel opérationnel de E-Geos S.p.A. de Matera, Roberto Berardi, Giovanni De Nicola, Mattia Pessolano, Giuseppe Priore, Giuseppe Fuccella, Nicola Luongo, Maria Sighicelli, Patrizia Menegoni, Isabella Abate, Giovanni Caserta, Angela Brindisi, Caroline Houben, Marianna Romano, Joséphine Privat, Yannick Haenel, Tamar Hirschfeld, Riccardo Giacconi, Estelle Benazet, Madeleine Van Doren, Daniel Dobbels, François Bonenfant, Blandine Tourneux, David Chantreau, François Lescieux, Valérie Delhaye, Maria Assunta Nidito, Vincenzo Di Croce, Francesco Napoli, Eugenio Caterina, Paola Petroni, Lucia Caterina, Domenico Caterina.Thanks to ENEA for the documentation of activities in Pertusillo lake as part of SMART BASILICATA project.

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