Sparks, 2016
(Chiara Caterina and Francesco Napoli)
HD, stereo, 28'

Sparks was marked as "Coup de Coeur" in the Short Film Corner section at 2016 Cannes Film Festival
Screened @La Cabina Festival Internacional de Mediometrajes de Valencia, 2016
Isabella is 20. We ask her to remain in front of the camera and not to leave the frame. 
We start interrogating her.
Sparks, using the form of the interview, wishes to investigate the time of a transition: the duration of the unedited shot matches the time required to perceive a changing in the relationship between the protagonist and the persons behind the camera. Sparks crystallizes a fragment of existence bringing to light two elements: on the one hand, through the speech, the experience of a generational transition from adolescence to adulthood and on the other the collapse of the behavioral structures imposed and accentuated by the power relationship between "interviewer" and "interviewee".